Wildlife photographs by Barry Boswell

I live in the south Midlands, almost exactly at the spot where the counties of Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire come together, and just about as far from the coast as it is possible to be in England. It is a good area for wildlife generally because the village where I live is surrounded by plenty of open countryside. We have our own local reservoir, Boddington reservoir, which feeds the canal system and which also attracts a variety of birds throughout the year.

A few years ago I merged a casual interest in watching birds and other wildlife with a growing awareness of the photographic opportunities being offered by the rapid development of digital cameras. I read about digiscoping and for a short period took pictures using a compact digital camera combined with a spotting scope. The potential was exciting because of the amazing magnification which could be obtained, but for me, the method and results left much to be desired and I moved fairly quickly to digital SLR photography using long focal length lenses. The magnification may be less, but the results can be stunning.

I use Canon cameras and lenses. My current camera bodies are the 7D Mark 2 and the 5D Mark 3, and I have a range of lenses with focal lengths up to 500mm. The introduction towards the end of 2014 of the new 7D Mark 2 body and the upgraded Mark 2 version of Canon's 100 to 400mm telephoto zoom lens has proven to be a very sweet combination and gives amazing results.

There are two things to bear in mind about this website. It is non-commercial and thus just a somewhat self-indulgent extension of my hobby. It is also very much a work-in-progress; I currently have some 280 different species listed and displayed on the site and I hope that this number will increase as time goes by.

All of the images within the site have been taken by me and are subject to copyright. I do not generally offer them for sale, but if anybody might like one or two for personal or non-commercial use, then this should not be a problem.

So, I hope you enjoy the pictures, and please feel free to make contact with me if you wish, either by email or by phone. It is always nice to talk to people with a shared interest.